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How to hide customers from salespersons in Odoo 14

I am trying to make my sales person, only can see their own customers, i have already create a rule in the group of "Sales/User: See Own Leads" but it doesnt work, the rule is ['|', ('user_id', '=',, ('user_id', '=', False)] this is in Odoo 14

You can do that rather easily with Access Rules, similarly to what is done by default for the "See Own Leads" group.

Create a new group for your sales persons, or modify the existing "Sales User" group if you'd like this to apply to all of them.
In the Rules tab of the group, click Add, then choose Create at the bottom of the pop-up.
Choose a name, then choose "Partner" as the object, then carefully copy/paste the following in the Rule Definition box:


To test: login as a Sales User, who is not the Administrator (Access Rules do not apply for the Administrator)
Note: You need to enable the Technical Features access right for the administrator in order to perform these changes.

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